The Wounded Tiger
About the Author


I was born in Denmark before the arrival of laptops, Ipods and the internet. Travelling was not something we did much of when I was a child. Vacations were spent in the family summerhouse. However thanks to the lousy Danish weather much of every summer was spent inside reading. While I worked my way through a great number of novels and classics over the years it was the tales of exploration that were my favourites.

Inspired by writers such as Jack London and Jørgen Riel, I was drawn to the Arctic from a young age. After finishing high school I headed north as soon as I could. I managed to find a job in construction in a small town on the west coast of Greenland, just north of the polar circle. However, after spending a winter there it didn’t take me long to decide that there had to be more to life than living in the dark for six months a year. So I packed my bags and headed south, determined to explore the world and visit as many different countries as possible.

I got my first introduction to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan culture almost two decades ago at a time when the civil war was at its peak. While vilification of the opponents happens in every conflict I was struck by the extent to which it happened in Sri Lanka and how it was used to justify the most horrific atrocities by either side. The hatred towards the Tamil Tigers was such a stark contrast to the otherwise kind and generous nature of the Singhalese Sri Lankans I have met over the years. The Wounded Tiger is an attempt to explore this hatred and its origins.

Through my work and travels I have experienced first-hand the effects of poverty and conflict in many parts of the world. It has given me a deep insight into the darker sides of humanity and has provided me with much material and inspiration for writing.  

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